Android App as Your Business Card


Android App as Your Business Card


What does it do & Why you need it

There is an app for almost anything so why not an app which acts as your business card. When meeting people in person, handing a physical card is vintage and doesn’t work 90% of the time because people either throw it away or lose it. It’s better to make an app which acts as your business card. You can simply give them your business name and they can instantly download it on their android phone or tablet and it won’t get lost! This app will contain your business logo, your business description and your contact details like website and email address. This business card app will help your customers reach you easier. You can also place a link for your business card app on your website for people to download. You can also send updates to your app and they will get sent to your business card app!

Whats included

  • Business Details App for Android
  • Help your business to be advertised on the app store
  • App will contain your business logo, description and contact information
  • Your Business card app listed on Google Play Store

Who is it for

This Android Business Card App for anyone who wish to make an easier way for their existing customers to reach them or ability for new customers to find them by being listed on the Google Play Store which holds Android Apps.


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