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Business Email Marketing


What does it do & Why you need it

Receiving information about your service or product is one of the best ways to get heard. Print advertisement has declined sharply because everyone relies on email and websites. You simply need to create the email you want to send and the country in which you wish to advertise and we will do the rest! You may even target different countries as you wish. You can change number of emails you want to send.

Whats included

  • Send promotion emails to business email addresses (i.e, other than personal emails for example hotmail and gmail)
  • Ability to geo target any country
  • Email sent statistics report after 7 days
  • Emails will be sent to publicly available email addresses
  • You do not need to provide any email list

Who is it for

This is for anyone who wish to advertise through sending emails. Example: If you send 10,000 emails out. Depending on your offer conversion rate, price, target geo etc this could be around 1%. You can then calculate your return of one time profit of your offer or chance of finding repeat clients who will then buy directly from you in the future.

Before You Buy

  • Price is per 1000 emails sent or only 2.5 cent per email. If you want to send 5000 emails then select 5 to buy.


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