Landing Page | Sales Pitch Page


Landing Page | Sales Pitch Page



What does it do & Why you need it

A landing page is concept which is proven to drive sales to the next level. If you wish to push your sales higher then a landing page is absolutely a must. Landing page takes out unnecessary clutter of a usual website and focuses only on the product or services which gets attention of the person on the page. The strategy is to create an awesome yet simple landing page and then send visitors to it from which certain percentage would buy your service or product. This simple isn’t the case when sending visitors to your website address. The landing page is usually created inside your website. Some of the elements of a landing page are short discretion, few pictures, a sales video and a buy button.

Whats included

  • Mobile ready sales page with information about your service or product
  • Buy button which sends user to your own or third party payment system
  • Choice of¬†wordpress or html bootstrap

Who is it for

For businesses which want to increase their sales by getting attention from their page visitors.

Before You Buy

  • Video is very powerful so video is recommended.
  • Video production not included. You can arrange it yourself or you have advertisement video made here.


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