Whatsapp Auto Message Sender

Whatsapp Auto Message Sender



You can send message to any phone number without saving it in your contact list first. This tool is very useful if you have a long list of phone numbers to whom you need to send messages to.

You will need to have logged in to https://web.whatsapp.com in order to use this. You only need to log in once using your qr scan code. A new tab will open each time you want to send new message, you can close that tab once you have pressed send.

Send message to a whatsapp number without saving in contacts first

How to add new numbers Enter one or more phone numbers including country codes. If you want to add names then use comma to separate number and name. You can also categorize your numbers by adding another comma after name.
Only number is required.


Add New Numbers

Duplicate numbers will be highlighted and only added for different group.

Login to access button.

Saved Contacts

You numbers list will be loaded here

0 Selected
Select All Duplicate
You groups will be loaded here

Create New Message

Message Preview



Whatsapp Forwarder Chrome Extension

First add your message to queue then send. In case forwarding is interrupted press send to continue.

Login to access button.

Queued Messages

Login to access button.


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